We put local results into global perspective

About us

Sociolab are specialists in the Trend-Setter / Leading Edge target, as well as youth culture. Our fields of expertise: gaming, consumer electronics (Flat Tvs, camcorders, etc.), alcoholic beverages and sport.

We conduct all types of research : target definition, product-, concept-, advertising testing, brand image.

A great part of our research goes on outside the facility room watching consumers in real life : buying, gaming, phoning, partying, chatting, capturing images : ethnological data collected and interpreted by a Ph.D in social anthropology. We only understand the French relationship to gaming once we've got French teenagers' love affair with Japanese mangas.

Our clients include international brands like Philips Lifestyle and Levi's.

And of course, we undertake the French fieldwork for American, English and German agencies.

Why do they use Sociolab? For the quality of our recruiting, our centrally-located offices and our ethnologically trained eye: the socio-cultural specificities emerge and we know how to interpret them.

Abdu Gnaba is managing director of Sociolab. His key practice areas are social trends, consumer insight and communication strategy.

He holds a Ph.D in social-anthropology from the Sorbonne University where he teaches "the benefits of ethnological approaches applied to marketing and communication strategies".

He speaks four languages and has an edge in intercultural field.