We put local results into global perspective

About us

Sociolab is a decision-making support agency that deploys the social sciences in the service of brands and institutions.

Headed by Abdu Gnaba, doctor of anthropology and comparative sociology, it offers innovative methodologies for revealing and interpreting consumer behaviours.

Sociolab is a research organisation approved by the Ministry of Research


We help you :

  • To reveal relevant, singular insights
  • To immerse you in our meetings and abolish the distances between you and your consumers
  • To help you to quickly assimilate the learnings from each study
  • To share our understanding of the media assessed and help you optimize it thanks to our proven culture in imagery, representations and symbols.


Why use Sociolab ?

For the quality of our recruiting, our centrally-located offices and our ethnologically trained eye : the socio-cultural specificities emerge and we know how to interpret them.


Brands and products are all things we have experienced; they are personal stories, common ground and bonds that have been established.

« Intelligent marketing should be able to understand the many different personal strategies motivating each consumer-individual and it should be able to do so in real-time ».