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Qualitative market research :
interview / focus groups / analysis

To innovate, differentiate or measure the effectiveness of a service or product. To observe (ethnography), to question by knowing how to listen (ethnology), to analyse by revealing hidden structures (anthropology).

Analysis of the company’s culture / values

“Don’t envy your neighbour’s hairstyle if you don’t have his head.” To create a motivating HR policy, based on values that are truly linked to the spirit of the company, you have to know yourself, not try to imitate.

Speechwriting / Manifesto

Because employees want to serve more than just the company’s interests, it is important to write a Manifesto that inspires action. The same applies to the speeches of the leaders.

Keynote speech

To spread a humanistic vision of the world, it is necessary to describe it in terms of progress, of the unifying spirit that brings together what fears separate.