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Societal studies

Innovative methodologies to reveal group behaviour

Success is the result of consistency

Building a business strategy is based on the triptych Founding Myth – Values – Vision. Knowing the story of the beginning allows us to act according to this initial raison d’être (values) and to project ourselves towards a coherent and therefore sustainable development… Sustainable? Yes, if we understand that a company today cannot serve its own interests without thinking about the common good.

The dynamic tradition

Change does not exist: everything is evolution. Conservatives are not opposed to progressives: the former frame the latter, who energise the former, etc. Tradition is in essence dynamic, because it does not stammer the past but conjugates it in the present. It is not a rambling or a blank slate, but a conversation between the flavour of knowledge and the taste of the unknown. An expansion…

The crisis of meaning

Against urgency and the cult of immediacy. To get out of the conditioning that makes us confuse happiness with satisfaction of impulses… To rediscover meaning, to give it back, in the three dimensions of the term: sensory, definitional and directional (to perceive, to interpret, to orientate oneself)… The exit from the crisis also takes place in three stages: deciphering reality, understanding one’s tribe and enriching one’s totem.

From function to mission

The real myth of our contemporary society lies in the redefinition of work, i.e. the shift from the task performed to the work to be done. The era of the plough has been replaced by the era of the work. We no longer work to live, we work to exist. To become what we are, i.e. not organisms permeated by needs and subject to drives, but beings of desire in constant liberation.